13 Nov 2018
Setting up iCloud e-mail into your popular e-mail client may be seen a little bit complicated but it's easy.

First of all, if you will use a third party app, you should generate an app-specific password. To create your app-specific password:
  1. Login to your Apple account.
  2. Find the security section
  3. In the "App-Specific Passwords" section, click "Generate Password" link.
  4. Then follow the procedures on the page.
It is that easy! Now, you have your app-specific password, so that you can use this password to login your account.

Now you can create a profile in your e-mail app. This may differ by apps but general settings are same. You need IMAP and SMTP settings to create an e-mail profile. IMAP is a protocol for getting e-mails into your app and SMTP...

25 Aug 2012

Microsoft has recently updated their official blog and published their new logo. After 25 years with their old logo, they still follow simplicity.

You can read the official blog post if you want to learn more about this new change. Here's the demostration video that Microsoft published on YouTube.

25 Aug 2012
Software billionaire Bill Gates, the old CEO of Microsoft, had been asked to give a photo in a trip with his wife Melinda Gates. Let's see what happens if the photo would be taken by an Apple iPad ;)

05 Apr 2012

This article has been written by guest author Yasin Demir who is the founder of WoW Items store. It's an overview of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. What it brings, what it takes?

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has come to the end. Some says it is the best expansion of World of Warcraft. Because revamp of the old world and the changes in raid system are succesful while other says Cataclysm is a big disappointment due to being very easy and lack of patches.

Good or bad, Mists of Pandaria is on the horizon now. We are expecting many changes and new features because of the reasons above and in addition to that a few good multiplayer online games released recently so we belive that Blizzard...

25 Jan 2012
After the MegaUpload seize, other file sharing sites are frightened for acts against them. FileServe and FileSonic has disabled so many functionality that allows for piracy content.

FileServe were paying 25$ per 1000 downloads. They won't pay uploaders for download again.

Both FileServe and FileSonic have removed all the copyrighted content in one night. Now it's impossible to download your favorite TV series from FileServe again.

Everybody wonders how RapidShare will react to this issues.


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