Using iCloud E-mail With Your Popular E-mail App

Setting up iCloud e-mail into your popular e-mail client may be seen a little bit complicated but it’s easy.

First of all, if you will use a third party app, you should generate an app-specific password. To create your app-specific password:

  1. Login to your Apple account.
  2. Find the security section
  3. In the “App-Specific Passwords” section, click “Generate Password” link.
  4. Then follow the procedures on the page.

It is that easy! Now, you have your app-specific password, so that you can use this password to login your account.

Now you can create a profile in your e-mail app. This may differ by apps but general settings are same. You need IMAP and SMTP settings to create an e-mail profile. IMAP is a protocol for getting e-mails into your app and SMTP is for sending e-mails to outside.

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