Görsel Yok

Happy SysAdminDay!

30 Temmuz 2010 iGeekYou 0

Greetings system administrators. This is your day. Being a system admin is a hard work. Yes it’s a funny profession, but dealing with servers, computers, […]

You Convert It!

25 Şubat 2010 iGeekYou 0

You Convert It is a web tool to convert media formats to another. It can convert Youtube videos to avi and send them to your mailbox. […]

Görsel Yok

And… Chromium OS!

21 Kasım 2009 iGeekYou 0

Google introduced Chromium OS on previous months. Now they announced that they released the source codes of the OS to public. Chromium OS is an open source project which […]

Görsel Yok

On Behalf Of Itself!

31 Temmuz 2009 iGeekYou 0

Google‘s mail service Gmail support multi-mail management in your account. Say that you have a primary mail account as yourname@gmail.com and added yourname@yourdomain.com to this Gmail account. If you were sending […]